Two exciting Summer Camps from Mad Science India: NASA Academy of Future Space Explorers & KIB Secret Agent Camp

"What's My Future!" A super special Career Development Workshop & Seminar for students...


  • My son’s time is utilised in the best possible manner in vacation. On one hand he is having fun and on other hand is updated with practical scientific knowledge. I Thank Mad Science for such an innovative camp. We would love to enrol for such camps in future as well.

    Parth’s Dad
    Parth’s Dad
  • When I started Mad Science I was not liking the subject science but when I started attending different sessions in the class I started taking interest in Science and now it is my favorite subject. The best thing about the class I like is that whatever we learn is very nice. We learn by enjoying and playing.

    Gurashish Kaur Sodhi
    Gurashish Kaur Sodhi
  • The Mad Science academia was a very nice experience for me. I will never forget this memorable journey. There were very great sections like Rocket Science, Forensic Lab, Sonic Sound, PH Factor. The modules were exciting and even interesting. In that the Fingerprint module was liked by me the most. So I think it was a very good memorable experience and I will never forget it.

    Deep Thombare
    Deep Thombare

Our Partners

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Intelligence Enhancement Program

What is it?

A well researched programme based on theories by world renowned authorities in the field of psychology and child development viz. Dr Benjamin Bloom, Howard Earl Gardner , Jean Piaget & Joy Paul Guilford. The science programme is in partnership with Mad Science which is world’s leader in science education since 1998 and spread in 30 countries.

Stage of Enhancement

  • At Level 1 – Ignite curiosity for the subject
  • At Level 2 – Build interest in the subjects
  • At Level 3 – Instill & enhance thinking skills
  • At Level 4 – Develop analyzing and performance skills
  • At Level 5 – Discipline of synthesis and evaluation

Transformational Learning

What is it?

The greatest challenge for youth in this age is the ability to develop their personal values and moral compass, direct their own learning, take responsibility for school life success and properly utilize information and equipment brought about by the rapid growth of media and technology. Our programs employ a holistic training process that trains kids and youth in such a way that s/he will not be described only as intelligent but much more as a wise, cultured, fully productive and integrated.  

How do we transform?

  • Workshops in school in “Learning Mastery” & “Personal Mastery”
  • Indoor & outdoor Camps during school vacations

Academic Excellence Program

Go for excellence, success will follow you

Our program of “Academic Excellence” is excellence in all. It is so designed as to train the student to achieve excellence of performance with carefully chosen tools and techniques that not only habituate her to excel in boards but also to meet any challenge or test or examination with equal competence and confidence. One cannot have merely excellence in exams and a below average performance in other aspects of life. The need for this has never before been more than in today’s world. Therefore we work holistically to bring in transformation on personal level so that the student has clarity to do well in anything.

21st century education

Our turbo engine transfer model.

  • Transformational Learning
  • Conceptual Clarity & Understanding
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Application
  • Practice

International Campus Enrichment

What is it?

ICE programs can be broadly classified under Edu-tourism. These programs are designed and operated for students of Grade 8th to Grade 12th / IB diploma students. Tranforming students from local citizen to global citizen  these programs  help students to  explore the world while making education and employment related decisions..

How does it work

  • Explore
  • Entertain
  • Educate
  • Empower